Fashion Tips – Body Shapes - Learn Your Shape and Enhance the Positives!

Body shapes generally fall into one of the following four categories illustrated below. Learning your body shape can help you dress to complement your figure. This will enable you to enhance your positive figure characteristics, and minimize any negative aspects.

hourglass HOURGLASS
Shoulder and hip width equal or nearly equal with very small waist indentation. Overall appearance of extremely small waist relative to shoulder and hip.
CHOOSE — Defined waists with darts, Shaped tops and jackets
AVOID — Shapeless tops, clingy fabrics

rectangle RECTANGLE
Approximately equal visual balance between shoulder and hip with waist slightly indented. Overall appearance of average figure with little waist definition.
CHOOSE — Vertical lines, Tunic tops and shapely jackets
AVOID — Baggy pants, full skirts, heavy shoulder padding

pear PEAR
Much wider at hip than shoulder with waist indented. Overall appearance of extremely heavy hip area relative to waist and shoulder.
CHOOSE — Garments that accent the waist, shoulder padding, large collars
AVOID — Tight short skirts or pants, but not to the point of being baggy

inverted triangle INVERTED TRIANGLE
Much wider at shoulder than hip with waist indented. Overall appearance of extremely broad shoulder relative to waist and hip.
CHOOSE — Wide leg pants, A-line skirts, over hip length tops
AVOID — Defined waists with belts, fitted skirts and pants

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