Fashion Tips – Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for YOUR Body Type!

  • Halter and bikini top swimsuits work best to enhance chests.
  • Lighter colors, prints, metallics, embellishment, and detailed seams look good too.
  • Underwire and push-up bras give more lift.
  • Stay away from strapless - it gives a flat look.

  • Support is most important! Make sure the straps are strong enough to hold you.
  • Wraps and surplice tops work great too.
  • If underwire doesn't extend to underarm, top is too small.

  • Get a thin-belted suit, wrap-front, or color-block that accents the waist. Make sure it is not too tight, or you will have bulges.
  • Avoid thin straps. Always remember, if you feel comfortable, you look good!

  • Try control fabrics to take away inches.
  • Vertical stripes draw eyes away from the stomach.
  • Long tankinis and higher bottoms give more coverage.

  • Try a style that rides high on the legs to make them look longer.
  • Lighter colors on top draw eyes up and takes attention away from legs.

  • You want to define a waistline and create curves.
  • Stay away from high neck suits.
  • Curve-enhancing tops and plunging necklines give a very sexy effect.
  • Also go with girly prints and diagonal stripes.

  • You want to draw other people's eyes down, by wearing wide straps, prints that are more concentrated on the bottom, keyhole backs, or skirted bottoms.

  • Look for a tankini that is fairly shorter than most so that some of your stomach shows. This will create an illusion of a shorter torso.

  • Try a bikini with a low-rise bottom that exposes a lot of the midrift.

  • Try a fitted waist-defining tankini or one piece to smooth bulges.
  • Make sure your suit is not too tight.
  • Stay away from horizontal stripes and very loud prints.

Swimwear Categories and Terminology - see sample photos below

Tankini Swimwear - 2 Piece swimsuit with a long top that usually extends down to end of torso and regular brief bottom. Great for covering up the belly.

Skirtini Swimwear - 2 Piece swimsuit with a long top that usually extends down to end of torso and skirted bottom with bikini under. Great for covering up the belly, buttocks, and upper leg.

Shortini/Jogkini Swimwear - 2 Piece swimsuit with a long top that usually extends down to end of torso with a bottom that is baggy shorts attached to a bikini bottom underneath. Great for covering up the belly, buttocks, and upper leg, while being extremely comfortable at the same time.

Surplice Swimsuits - Ususally a one piece suit that has a wrap-around look. Works great to slim hips and hide tummy.

Blouson Swimsuits - One Piece swimsuit with top that extends down to the end of torso and tight band around waist so that that rest of the material hangs over. Great for hiding the belly.

High Neck Swimwear - Fabric comes all the way up to collar bones. Gives great support and coverage. Great for big-busted women or those who want a more conservative suit.

Swimdress Swimsuits - Usually a one piece swimsuit that extends like a dress below. A brief panty bottom is usually attached under the dress.

Scoop/U-Back - Back of suit is lower than usual. Very sexy and sheek looking.

Straight Back - Basically goes straight through mid-line of back.

Keyhole Back - Provides extra support for upper back and neck. Clips at the top of the neck and leaves a keyhole opening through the midback.

Cross-Back - Straps cross across the shoulders. Provides extra support for your midback and shoulders. Perfect for lap swimmers and water aerobics.

Tummy Control Lining - Mesh net lines inside of swimsuit tummy or 360 degrees around back. Helps to control tummy shape in your swimsuit.

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